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Identifying the opportunities in data-intensive research in Australia

Identifying the opportunities in data-intensive research in Australia

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Full report issued by The Australian Academy of Science.

A report released by the Australian Academy of Science, Advancing Data-Intensive Research in Australia, presents findings from consultations with the research community on the challenges and opportunities of data-intensive research in Australia.

Supported by the ARC through the Linkage Learned Academies Special Projects (LASP) scheme, the report identifies opportunities to advance data-intensive research in Australia by aligning research policy, research infrastructure, skills and education, and recognising data science as a distinct scientific discipline.

Speaking at the launch on 11 October 2021, the ARC's Executive Director for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Professor Craig Simmons, said that data is changing the way research is conducted, bringing with it many opportunities to solve new, complex research challenges.

'Machine learning, for example, allows data-driven analysis of massive, unstructured data sets such as social media archives or financial records.'

'Data-intensive research can shed new light on many complex research questions, but it also presents challenges, which must be addressed across different levels of Australia’s research system.'

'Australia needs coordinated, modern eResearch infrastructure, access to data and people skilled to work with it,' said Professor Simmons.

The LASP scheme provides funding to the Learned Academies and the Australian Council of Learned Academies to undertake projects that support the development of Australian research.

Another LASP project, The Future Humanities Workforce, featured in the ARC's 2020-21 edition of Making a Difference.


Image Credit: Hippox (Public Domain).

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