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Improving the traceability and sustainability of wild seafood

Improving the traceability and sustainability of wild seafood

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A new ARC Future Fellow, Dr Carissa Klein from The University of Queensland, is leading a four-year $945,462 research project that aims to improve the social and environmental sustainability of wild-caught seafood globally.

The research will generate novel insights into the global impacts of international fishing and trade, and enable Australian policy makers to meet rising seafood demand while avoiding perverse social and environmental outcomes from local environmental policies. The project also seeks to improve the traceability and sustainability of seafood, and build a network of new international collaborations.

By proposing innovative ways for protecting the ocean through improving the sustainability of trade policies, of benefit to the billions of people that depend on a healthy ocean for their health and livelihood, the project will provide Australia with new strategies for becoming a global leader in the production and consumption of sustainable seafood.



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