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Infrastructure for the future for medical devices—Flexible, wearable technologies

Infrastructure for the future for medical devices—Flexible, wearable technologies

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Professor Dayong Jin at The University of Technology Sydney is working to produce novel portable, wearable and stretchable biomedical devices for technologies that will be able to treat diseases in a non-invasive way.

Professor Jin is a 2013 ARC Future Fellow and currently Director of the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub, the ARC Research Hub for Integrated Device for End-user Analysis at Low-levels (IDEAL Hub)which is creating diagnostic and drug testing technologies to make Australian biotechnology, diagnostics, veterinary, agribusiness and manufacturing firms globally competitive.

Professor Jin—recipient of the 2017 Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year in the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science—will lead a project worth $435,279 through the ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme to commence in 2018, announced on 10 November 2017 by Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham.

Professor Jin’s research will establish a fabrication and characterisation facility for high-throughput production of lightweight, wearable biomedical devices to accelerate the design–fabrication–evaluation process and save ‘trial-and-error’ costs during optimisation turnaround.

The project will apply computer-aided design for the programmable synthesis of hybrid materials for high-throughput screening of disease biomarkers, and super-solution imaging of single molecules in live cells.

The facility will provide researchers with the opportunity to pursue the development of advanced materials, biomolecular sciences, nanotechnology, photonics and device engineering.

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