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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Supported by an ARC grant Professor Ingrid Zukerman and her team are working on a non-intrusive home monitoring device, which sends out alerts to carers in the case of abnormally long periods of inactivity.

For senior citizens it can be difficult to strike a balance between maintaining an independent lifestyle and ensuring that help will be there when needed. Mobile phones aren’t always within reach, and in some instances elderly people can find themselves lying on the floor, alone, injured and unable to get back on their feet.

“Currently, we rely on passing staff members to discover patients or residents after they have experienced an incident. The value of the sensors is that the movements can be detected without affecting a patient’s privacy, allowing staff to monitor movement and potentially dangerous situations,” said Associate Professor Steven Faux, Director of Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.

Media issued by Monash University.

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Image courtesy: Kenneth Paik