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Intramuscular lamb fat probe receives commercial approval

Intramuscular lamb fat probe receives commercial approval

A new meat eating quality probe (MEQ)

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A meat eating quality probe (MEQ) developed as a spin off from work at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale Biophotonics (CNBP) at The University of Adelaide has reached a critical milestone, with the technology receiving approval from the Australian Meat Industry Language and Standards (AMILS).

The tool enables Australian lamb processors and brands to benchmark their product and ensure it meets customer needs following commercial accreditation of a probe that measures intramuscular fat. MEQ Probe chief executive officer Remo Carbone said as the world’s second-largest producer of lamb, it is fitting that Australia is leading the way in creating new standards for the eating quality of meat. The company plans on pursuing commercial accreditation for marbling in beef in the coming months.

Professor Mark Hutchinson, an ARC Future Fellow and Director of CNBP, says MEQ has employed several scientists and technologists from the Centre of Excellence, some of whom have gone on to start up their own new companies, after they 'caught the entrepreneurial bug'.

'This is the first technology of its kind to reach this type of approval and it is working real time in meat processing facilities. A great example of fundamental scientific discoveries made within a translationally-equipped environment having real world impact.'

Professor Hutchinson has also recently been announced as the first South Australian to serve as President of Science & Technology Australia, representing 90,000 scientists and technologists. Under his leadership, researchers at CNBP have translated fundamental science discoveries at the lab bench into economic value in the boardroom, forging 30 industry partnerships and creating 15 startups and spinoffs.

Professor Hutchinson is also a current member of the ARC Advisory Council.


Image Credit: A MEQ probe in use. Credit: MEQ Probe.

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