Image credit: Pixabay (Public domain).
Original Published Date: 
Friday, June 29, 2018

Full article issued by The University of Adelaide.

Researchers at The University of Adelaide—led by ARC Future Fellow Professor Andre Luiten—have created a laser that can ‘smell’ different gases within a sample. Applications for the new device lie not just in environmental monitoring and detecting industrial contamination, but may eventually be used to diagnose disease by ‘smelling’ the breath.

The researchers liken the ability of the laser to differentiate between different gas compounds in a sample to the sensitive nose of a bloodhound. But rather than smell, the device uses patterns of light absorption to measure the composition of the sample. Already the researchers have used the laser to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in a gas sample in under one second, with high accuracy and precision.

Image credit: Pixabay (Public domain).