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Linking economic theory with observed data

Linking economic theory with observed data

Image: Future Fellow, Dr Fedor Iskhakov, is linking economic modelling and hard data. Image credit: Max Pixel (Public Domain).

A new ARC Future Fellowship awarded to Dr Fedor Iskhakov, an economist based at The Australian National University, aims to investigate how firms interact with each other through time and how these interactions drive both the operation of, and value created in, economic markets.

While recent theoretical models have been able to capture the complexity of these dynamic interactions, the methods used for testing these models’ predictions against observed data do not. This research project will improve the assumptions that underpin these models, to advance our understanding of how the economy really works.

Dr Iskhakov will use his ARC Future Fellowship to develop statistical and computational methods to better understand observed economic behaviour, which will support the development of more efficient and better-targeted policies in every area of the Australian economy.


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