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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Full article | issued by Monash University

ARC CEO, Ms Judi Zielke, congratulates Professor Jamie Rossjohn, FAA FAHMS FLSW FMedSci FRS, a multiple ARC grant recipient, 2017 ARC Australian Laureate Fellow, and 2007 ARC Federation Fellow, who has been elected as a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society in recognition of his transformative contributions to science.

One of the world’s leading immunologists, Professor Rossjohn’s research on the immune system, how the body reacts to infection and what happens when the immune system fails, has led to a sustained advancement of knowledge in the field of immunity.

Professor Rossjohn is currently co-leading a study supported by an ARC Discovery Projects grant that has found that T-Cells, which play a crucial role in the body's immune system, need to ‘see’ pathogenic antigens in order to be activated. This has clarified a critical mechanism essential for effective T-cell immunity.

Professor Rossjohn joins numerous ARC-supported researchers and more than 60 exceptional scientists from around the world who have been elected as Fellows and Foreign Members of the Royal Society. The 51 Fellows and 10 Foreign Members along with one Honorary Fellow have been selected for their outstanding contributions to science.

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Image: Sensory Scientific Showcase. Image credit: Hynesite Photography