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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The ARC is providing $371,000 in funding through its Linkage Projects scheme for novel applications of microwave technology to inspection systems in marine infrastructure that have the potential to transform industry practice. 

The research team, led by Professor Amin Abbosh, based at The University of Queensland, will be utilising multi-mode antennas to develop a new ‘gold-standard’ in microwave inspection.

By combining innovative microwave technology, featuring multi-mode antennas and novel processing and imaging algorithms, with new smart scanning and unmanned marine vehicle implementations, the technology will be able to deliver accurate and early detection of structural defects in marine facilities such as pylons, bridges and vessels. 

With support from industry partner, Whitsunday Mooring and Marine Construction Pty Ltd, this innovative research promises to transform the industry standard of manually intensive and inaccurate safety checks, to yield massive cost savings and reductions in hazard associated with unanticipated structural failure.

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Image credit: Pexels (Public Domain).