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Monday, January 14, 2019

A new Linkage Project led by Professor Fariba Dehghani at The University of Sydney has received $300,512 through the ARC’s Linkage Projects scheme, to develop a technological platform for the fabrication of flexible sensors that enable the detection of food spoilage and microbial contamination.

The research team has entered into an industry collaboration with the Italian manufacturer of innovative biosensors, ARC Centro Ricerche Applicate SRL, and is engineering highly sensitive sensor arrays to be printed on flexible plastics and paper substrates.

These novel printed sensor arrays will respond in real time to gases and volatile compounds generated from food deterioration and spoilage, microbial pathogens, temperature and pH, by undergoing a change in their colour or electrical properties. The project promises to design and deliver efficient data-driven decision making tools at several points along the supply chain to enhance food safety and reduce food waste.

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