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Friday, July 5, 2019

A research team based at The University of Sydney, led by Dr Michelle Villeneuve at the Centre for Disability Research and Policy, has received $408,000 in funding through the ARC’s Linkage Projects scheme to answer critical questions about how to assist people with disabilities in disasters. The research will determine what their support needs are, and how they might help themselves to better prepare for disasters, to ensure that Australia meets its commitment to leave nobody behind in disaster events.

With additional support and cooperation from no less than 12 partner organisations, including the NSW Department of Justice, the Local Community Services Association, and Australian Red Cross Australia, the research team will co-design effective mechanisms that State and Federal decision makers can use to scale-up disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction across Australia.

By developing emergency-preparedness tools and collecting data about the support needs of people with disabilities in emergencies, this project will improve their access to community level disaster risk reduction. The intended impact of this research will be lives saved and injury prevented for over four million Australians with disabilities who are at higher risk of injury and death than the general population when disasters strike.

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Image: Pixabay (Public Domain).