A new tool to accurately measure tobacco consumption in the population
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Friday, May 31, 2019

A new $192,000 Linkage Projects grant awarded to a team led by Professor Kevin Thomas at The University of Queensland aims to equip the Australian public health and security sector with a tool to accurately measure tobacco consumption in the general population.

Specific human biomarkers in urine will be identified using non-target approaches, and their pharmacokinetics quantified. By analysing the presence of these markers in wastewater, the new data will address critical gaps in our knowledge on the consumption of tobacco and alternative nicotine products in the population.

Working in collaboration with the Queensland Department of Health and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the incorporation of new biomarkers of tobacco use into existing national wastewater drug monitoring programs is expected to result in immediate translation of the project’s outcomes to inform evidence-based decisions in progressively developing policy. This in turn, will contribute to Australia’s position as a global leader in tobacco control.

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Image: Pixabay (Public Domain).