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Pushing ‘print’ on large-scale piezoelectric materials

Pushing ‘print’ on large-scale piezoelectric materials

PhD researcher Nitu Syed and Dr Torben Daeneke in the lab.

Full article issued by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET).

ARC supported researchers at FLEET have developed a revolutionary method to ‘print’ large-scale sheets of two-dimensional piezoelectric material, opening new opportunities for piezo-sensors and energy harvesting.

Importantly, the inexpensive process allows the integration of piezoelectric components directly onto silicon chips. The new process is simple, scalable, low-temperature and cost-effective, significantly expanding the range of materials available to industry at such scales and quality.

ARC Australian Laureate Professor Kalantar-zadeh, now Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of New South Wales (UNSW), led the team that developed the new method while Professor of Electronic Engineering at RMIT University. The work was materialised as a result of significant contribution from RMIT’s Dr Torben Daeneke and extreme persistence and focus shown by the first author of the work, PhD researcher Nitu Syed.

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