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Sci-fi holograms a step closer with ANU invention

Sci-fi holograms a step closer with ANU invention

Image courtesy: The Australian National University.

Funding support from the ARC has enabled ANU physicists to invent a tiny device that creates the highest quality holographic images ever achieved, opening the door to imaging technologies seen in science fiction movies such as Star Wars.

Lead researcher, Mr Lei Wang, a PhD student at the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering, said the team created complex holographic images in infrared with the invention that could be developed with industry.

"While research in holography plays an important role in the development of futuristic displays and augmented reality devices, today we are working on many other applications such as ultra-thin and light-weight optical devices for cameras and satellites," said Mr Wang.

Mr Wang said the device could replace bulky components to miniaturise cameras and save costs in astronomical missions by reducing the size and weight of optical systems on space craft.

Media issued by The Australian National University.

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