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Scientists use phone movement to predict personality types

Scientists use phone movement to predict personality types

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Full article issued by RMIT University.

ARC-supported researchers have used data from mobile phone accelerometers—the tiny sensors tracking phone movement for step-counting and other apps—to predict people’s personalities.

RMIT University computer scientist and leading expert in human mobility data, Associate Professor Flora Salim, said previous studies had predicted personality types using phone call and messaging activity logs, but this study showed adding accelerometer data improved accuracy.

Physical activity is proven to have a strong correlation with human personality. Activity like how quickly or how far a person walks, or when they pick up their phones during the night, often follows patterns which can reveal personality type. The researchers say there are applications for this technology in social media with friend recommendations, online dating matches and targeted advertising, but that "the most exciting part is what we can learn about ourselves".

The research was funded through an ARC Linkage project between Swinburne University of Technology, RMIT University and Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd.



Image Credit: Pexels (Public Domain).

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