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Silver lining of marine paints

Silver lining of marine paints

Port Shipping - Pixabay

Full article issued by Flinders University.

A new $445,000 ARC Discovery Project led by Flinders University College of Science and Engineering experts will expand research into finding better coatings for the control and eradication of unwanted marine biofilms.

Flinders University Professor Mats Andersson and Associate Professor Sophie Leterme will collaborate with co-investigators Associate Professor Christine Bressy and Associate Professor Jean-François Briand from the Laboratoire MAPIEM, University of Toulon, France where research efforts to develop a new generation of antifouling coatings is well under way.

'Unwanted biofilms grow on all surfaces and marine environments and they can lead to invasive pests and other environmental problems and costly eradication efforts,' says Professor Andersson.

'This project aims to develop novel electrically conducting carbon-based paints that are stable in marine environments, and at the same time green solutions for controlling the biofouling of surfaces immersed in our oceans.'


Port Shipping. Image Credit: Pixabay (Public Domain).

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