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Spotlight on photosynthetic algae—14 November 2017

Spotlight on photosynthetic algae—14 November 2017

Associate Professor Martina Doblin, a member of the Climate Change Cluster at the University of Technology Sydney, is investigating the photosynthetic algae of the oceans. These algae occupy the base of important marine food webs, and can be impacted by sudden environmental changes, with a domino effect throughout the rest of the food web.

Algae perform many useful functions on the planet that directly benefit humans, including their ability to clean up excess nutrients dumped into the ocean from agricultural and aquaculture industries, and remove carbon dioxidefrom the atmosphere.

Supported by Australian Research Council funding through the Discovery Projects scheme Professor Doblin is developing better monitoring systems to detect changes in costal ecosystems that include algae, and applying her research to assist industries such as aquiculture. This will lead to better coastal management policies and improved industry outcomes.

Media issued by the University of Technology Sydney.

Spotlight on: Associate Professor Martina Doblin, Climate Change Cluster, Faculty of Science


Image Credit: iStock by Getty Images

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