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Tasmanian manufacturer orders serve of world-leading lobster research

Tasmanian manufacturer orders serve of world-leading lobster research

Image: Tropical rock lobster. Image credit: Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.

In a breakthrough supported by the ARC Research Hub for Commercial Development of Rock Lobster Culture Systems, a Tasmanian firm with a world-class pedigree in the mariculture sector is partnering with the University of Tasmania to commercialise ground-breaking research into rock lobster production.

Despite the high value of rock lobsters, until now, the long and complex life cycle has made it impossible to produce the species in a commercially scalable hatchery. The world-first research at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)—supported by the ARC Research Hub—stands ready to change that.

PFG Group Pty Ltd (PFG), a Tasmanian advanced manufacturer, whose operation includes the manufacture of high-end mariculture facilities and equipment, has invested in a University spin-out company to secure the Australian licensing rights to the research.

In the next two years, scientists working at IMAS Taroona will complete the final two years’ work of the Australian Research Council-backed hub, focusing on the optimisation of technology that will underpin commercial production. PFG’s commitment includes the construction in Tasmania of the world’s first commercial scale hatchery.

Watch a YouTube clip about the lobster research and investment.


Media issued by The University of Tasmania.

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