Image: Professor Ladislav (Laco) Mucina
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Researchers at The University of Western Australia, supported by an ARC Linkage project, will look at ‘plant communities’ that took millions of years to assemble, to try to understand the mechanisms allowing them to persist for such a long time. The study is set to help resource companies with the rehabilitation of mined land, and will focus on the species-rich kwongan shrublands. Found on mineral-rich sands in WA’s mid-west, these shrublands are recognised as one of the most significant natural heritage assets in the world and form part of Australia’s only global biodiversity hotspot. Led by renowned plant scientist Professor Ladislav Mucina the research will look at drivers behind the functioning of the kwongan shrublands.

Media issued by The University of Western Australia

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Image courtesy: The University of Western Australia