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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Australian Research Council, along with five industry partners, have provided support for a national research project, led by Federation University Australia researchers, on teachers and trainers in the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

This project has attracted a huge amount of interest with many teachers, trainers and training providers around the country involved in the research. The team has visited 25 TAFE Institutes and private training providers to carry out in-depth case studies and interviews.

ARC-funded researcher and project leader, Professor Erica Smith, explained “A national survey of teachers and trainers in June, which investigated the effects that VET teachers’ qualifications have upon their teaching practices, attracted 575 responses which are currently being analysed.”

The research team was astonished to receive over 300 responses to the survey, in the first three working days that it has been made available.

“This confirms to us what we were already suspecting, that people are desperately keen to know more about these issues, and want to contribute in any way they can to the success of our research,” Professor Smith said.

“We have also had a great deal of international interest, so much so that we are including an extra international consultation phase in our research plan.”


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