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Women in Research webinar series

Women in Research webinar series

The Centre for Transformative Work Design, where passionate organisational psychology researchers and professionals work together to transform work, is running a series of webinars for women in research

Called the 'Small Wins' webinar series, Professor Sharon Parker, an organisational psychologist and an ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellow, is drawing on research, theory, and life experience to address crucial topics for women researchers’ well-being and productivity. Each virtual workshop is focussed on one topic from the Women in Research website. Sharon will be joined by other ARC Laureates and esteemed guests, who will also share their insights on the topic.

The third in the series, Resilience in Research, addresses the basic questions which confront many researchers when building their resilience. How do you move on when a paper you have worked for three years on is rejected, and the reviewers have identified fatal flaws? How do you get over it when your grant proposal is rejected? How do you bounce back and persist when you are overlooked once again for a promotion, or if you are still on a temporary contract after multiple years?

Professor Parker will discuss the research on resilience, and share some of her personal experiences. She will be joined by ARC Laureate Fellow Alexandra Aikhenvald (James Cook University) and ARC Centre Director Janeen Baxter (University of Queensland), who will each share challenges they have experienced, how they handled these challenges, as well as how they help others to be resilient.

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