ARChway provides an informative overview of ARC activities, events and announcements. It also includes feature articles on ARC-funded research. 

The ARC's goals through this newsletter are to:

  • promote ARC-funded research projects and ARC-funded research outcomes
  • inform our key stakeholders and the broader public about ARC important dates and upcoming events or scheme/program commencements
  • facilitate the dissemination of information about our programs and schemes
  • create interest in the ARC, its research schemes, and the benefits ARC-funded research projects are producing for the Australian community.

The ARC welcomes submissions from institutions for the newsletter. Submissions should be sent to Anyone submitting an article should also make themselves familiar with the editorial policy for the newsletter.

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Correction: Please note in story National Reconciliation Week—ARC Grants in the theme of Don’t Keep History a Mystery, ‘Warlpiri’ was spelled incorrectly as ‘Sarlpiri’. We apologise for this error.

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