Professor Sue Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Research Council

On behalf of the Australian Research Council (ARC), I am pleased to share with you the 2017–18 edition of Making a difference—Outcomes of ARC supported research.

Now in its second year, this publication is intended as a snapshot—just a glimpse—of the extensive outcomes that arise from the diverse research being carried out across the country, with the support of the Australian Government through the funding schemes of the ARC’s National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP).

Through the NCGP, the ARC supports high-quality fundamental and applied research and research training. ARC fellowships and grants are awarded to eligible organisations to support individuals and teams to undertake research projects and collaborations, participate in cooperative initiatives and establish large-scale research hubs and centres.

Under the funding schemes of the NCGP, we support research covering all disciplines—from the humanities and social sciences (HASS) disciplines through to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines1. We also support researchers across all career stages, from early career researchers embarking on their careers to established and esteemed researchers who are leading the country, and indeed the world.

Every day, we are impressed by the fascinating stories of innovation, discovery and collaboration involving ARC-funded researchers. Whether it is a three-year Discovery Project, a four-year Future Fellowship, or a seven-year ARC Centre of Excellence, the tangible benefits of ARC-funded research are clearly visible.

By sharing just a handful of these research stories and outcomes, we hope to convey the importance and impact of ARC-funded research—remarkable research that is delivering social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits and really making a difference to all Australians.

These stories emphasise the immense value of publicly-funded research in Australia, and are sure to engage and inspire the wider community.

1Clinical and other medical research is primarily supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council.