Presented annually, the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes acknowledge excellence in the fields of research and innovation, leadership, science engagement and school science. Professor Whitehouse received the prestigious 3M Eureka Prize for Emerging Leader in Science for 2017—in recognition of his scientific and policy leadership, science communication and service development in the area of autism.

Professor Andrew Whitehouse from The University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute has dedicated his research career to discovering the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as improving its diagnosis and developing therapies.

Professor Whitehouse’s research has been supported through the ARC Discovery Projects scheme and his accomplishments include developing methods for better identification of the signs of autism in the first year of life, and trialling new early interventions for babies. This work is now assisting in the diagnosis and therapies for thousands of children with autism spectrum disorders.

He is continuing to work with policymakers to improve outcomes for children and families, including the development of Australia’s first national guidelines for autism diagnosis.

Image: Andrew Whitehouse, Professor of Autism Research at The University of Western Australia and Angela Wright Bennett Professor of Autism Research at the Telethon Kids Institute.
Image credit: Telethon Kids Institute.