• The Gender Outcomes: NCGP Trend data contains selected summary gender disagregated statistics intended to provide an overview of gender outcomes in ARC funding under the NCGP. 
  • The data in this report includes researchers who identified their gender. A very small number of researchers did not provide gender in the ARC database. From 2016 the ARC will be able to report more broadly including data on researchers who identify as female, male, indeterminate/intersex and unspecified. But for this dataset only researchers with identified gender as male and female are included. 
  • The information contained in this dataset is limited to that which was current at the time project proposals were approved for funding and accordingly excludes any post-award variations that may subsequently have been approved. For example: 
    • the funding may not have been taken up by the investigator(s) after the project was awarded, 
    • the scope of the research activity may have changed if the amount allocated was less than that requested, 
    • investigators may have been added to, or removed, from the project, 
    • the project may have prematurely ceased, 
    • the project may have been extended for funding for more years following ARC review. 

Funding Schemes

The funding rules for each scheme round document the specific conditions for each grant 
including funding amount, eligibility and duration. For information on specific funding 
schemes, please refer to the ARC website

Funding Scheme Name

  • ARC Centres of Excellences 
  • Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 
  • Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development 
  • Discovery Projects 
  • Discovery Indigenous 
  • Federation Fellowships 
  • Australian Laureate Fellowships 
  • Super Science Fellowships 
  • Future Fellowships 
  • Industrial Transformation Training Centres 
  • Industrial Transformation Research Hubs 
  • Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities 
  • Linkage Projects