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SR12 Synchrotron Science Selection Report



Special Research Initiatives are established to address specific research priorities and/or to build capacity in strategically important areas.



As indicated in the Funding Rules for this Initiative, the objective of the Special Research Initiative in Synchrotron Science is the delivery of a programme that will:

  • deliver a national Programme of competitive funding to enable researcher access to the Australian Synchrotron (including health and medical research)
  • support excellent basic and applied research by individuals and teams
  • enhance international collaboration in synchrotron science.


Selection Process

An open call for proposals for the Special Research Initiative in Synchrotron Science closed on 18 May 2012. One Proposal was received from a consortium of 36 Australian universities led by Monash University.

A Selection Advisory Committee (SAC), with members nominated on the basis of excellence in research and/or breadth of experience in the national and international research environment, reviewed the Proposal against the Selection Criteria and assessed it as competitive. The SAC prepared funding recommendations, including the recommendation for the ARC CEO.


Selection Criteria

The Selection Criteria and corresponding weights for Proposals were:

  • Programme (20%)
  • Governance and Management (40%)
  • Nature of the alliance and organisational commitment (20%)
  • Research team (20%)


Funding Levels and Duration

The ARC will administer the Initiative, committing $25 million itself, with the NHMRC co-contributing a further $5 million over four years.

As co-commitment to the Initiative, partners have contributed $27 928 988 ($25 284 000 in cash and $2 644 988 in-kind) over four years.

Table 1.     ARC and NHMRC funding and cash and in-kind commitments from Organisations participating for the recommended Proposal for the Special Research Initiative in Synchrotron Science for funding commencing in 2012

Administering Organisation

ARC Recommended Funding

Contributing Organisations*



Monash University




*Contributing Organisations include 36 Australian Universities.


Summary of Outcomes

The total number of Australian Universities contributing to this Proposal is 36, which represents 86% of higher education institutions that are eligible to participate in this Initiative.

The Proposal requested the full sum of funds offered by the ARC and NHMRC of $30 million over four years, and the total funds committed by Organisations participating in the Proposal are $25.284 million.


Approved Funding

Approved Proposal for the Special Research Initiative in Synchrotron Science for funding commencing in 2012

Table 2.

Special Research Initiative in Synchrotron Science

Programme Leader

Administering Organisation

Total recommended funds over project life

Australian Synchrotron Access Programme

Professor Ian Smith

Monash University




The Special Research Initiative in Synchrotron Science was developed with a view to engage a large number of Australian Universities, so that the larger research community was represented in the Programme. The recommended Proposal involves one university as the Administering Organisation, and 28 other universities and one consortium representing a further seven universities as participating Other Eligible Organisations.


National Research Priorities

All major National Research Priorities are represented on the Proposal.


Field of Research

25 research areas are represented on the recommended Proposal, which correspond to the following disciplines: Physics; Chemistry; Geology; Biochemistry, Engineering, Food Sciences, Nanotechnology, Medical Research and Curatorial Studies.


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