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SR14 Tropical Health Selection Report



The Special Research Initiative for Tropical Health and Medicine will provide facilities and research funding for an institute focussed on tropical diseases. The Program will be led by the Administering Organisation, James Cook University and involve researchers with track records in quality research outcomes and coordinating team-based cross-disciplinary projects. The Initiative’s core function will include building Australian research capacity in tropical health and biomedical sciences. Proposals for projects commencing in 2014 opened on 30 May 2014 and closed on 3 June 2014. This report outlines recommendations from the selection process for that round.



The Special Research Initiative for Tropical Health and Medicine represents the Government’s electoral commitment for “Boosting Front Line Healthcare and Research” by funding the Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine at James Cook University (JCU). The successful Initiative, led by the Administering Organisation and involving researchers with track records in quality research outcomes and coordinating team-based cross-disciplinary projects, will ensure that our citizens have the best possible treatments for tropical health matters.

Selection process

The ARC prepared funding recommendations for submission to the CEO. The recommendations were based on advice from an expert Selection Advisory Panel which:

  • assessed the Proposal
  • assessed and recommended the budget.

    The ARC considered the eligibility of the proposal and it was considered to be in order.

    This report reflects the recommendations of the ARC CEO to the Minister.


    Selection criteria

    Selection criteria and corresponding weights for Special Initiative Research for Tropical Health and Medicine proposals are:

    • Investigators (30%)
    • Program Quality and Innovation (50%)
    • Feasibility and Benefit (20%)

      Funding levels and duration

      Funding of $42 million over four years will be awarded to the successful Initiative, commencing 1 January 2014.

      Summary of Outcomes

      Table 1.          Details of successful proposal


      Project ID

      Administering Organisation

      Project Leader

      Recommended funds over project life


      James Cook University

      Prof Daniel Louis Schofield




      Table 2.          International collaboration


      International Collaboration Country name

      Papua New Guinea


      United Kingdom

      United States of America


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