Whistling While They Work is the world’s leading current research into public interest whistleblowing, when employees or other members of organisations speak up about wrongdoing within or by the organisation, to people who can—or should—do something about it. 

Led by Professor A J Brown from Griffith University, and supported by ARC Linkage Projects scheme funding, this three-year project is identifying the factors that influence good and bad responses to whistleblowing across a wide range of institutions. The research has systematically compared responses and outcomes between public and private sector organisations, and between multiple state and national jurisdictions (Australia and New Zealand).

Professor Brown’s research is providing a clearer basis for evaluation and improvement in organisational procedures, better public policy, and more informed approaches to the reform or introduction of whistleblower protection laws.

Professor A J Brown’s research is ensuring that whistleblowing plays a productive role in support of public integrity, and institutional accountability and performance in an ever more complex world.

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