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Letter of Transmittal

12 October 2015

Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham

Minister for Education and Training

Parliament House


Dear Minister

It is with great pleasure that I present the Australian Research Council (ARC) Annual Report for 2014–15.

During 2014–15 the ARC continued to deliver against its identified Outcome: growth of knowledge and innovation through managing research funding schemes, measuring research excellence and providing advice.

The annual report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Research Council Act 2001 (ARC Act), the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and the guidelines referred to in subsection 63 of the Public Service Act 1999.

I certify that I am satisfied that the ARC has:

  • prepared fraud risk assessments and fraud control plans
  • in place appropriate fraud prevention, detection, investigation, reporting mechanisms that meet the specific needs of the ARC
  • taken all reasonable measures to appropriately deal with fraud relating to the ARC.

Yours sincerely

signature of Prof Aidan Byrne, Chief Executive Officer

Professor Aidan Byrne

Chief Executive Officer