The ARC relies on impartial and independent peer review in the assessments of Proposals. Individuals applying for ARC funding have the opportunity to nominate persons whom they do not wish to assess a Proposal by submitting a Request Not to Assess form, to the ARC through their Research Office. The ARC discourages such requests to exclude assessors, as it limits the pool of available assessors for a Proposal; however the ARC recognises that there are situations in which some assessors should be excluded.

Before submitting a ‘Request Not to Assess’ applicants should familiarise themselves with the ARC Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy and the handling of individual Conflicts of Interest page.

Only one request per Proposal may be submitted. Up to three assessors can be nominated without the need for further information. Requests nominating more than three assessors to be excluded for a Proposal must include a justification for each individual request. The justification for each individual request must be directly supported in writing with evidence by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or equivalent of the Administering Organisation.

Appropriate justification and substantive evidence must be provided. Justifications based on unsubstantiated rumours, apparent speculation and other arguments devoid of hard evidence will not be accepted.

All notifications must be submitted electronically in Excel format using the ‘Request Not to Assess’ form through the Administering Organisation's Research Office, by the date and time specified for the relevant scheme on the ARC Important Dates page. The ARC will not accept Request Not to Assess forms submitted directly to the ARC by researchers. This form must not accompany the Proposal. 

Please note that the ARC will only consider requests for named persons and will only use the information provided on the Request Not to Assess form. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the information provided on the form is correct, including spelling and variants of the name. The ARC will not uphold requests to exclude institutions, departments or units. 

Request Not to Assess form
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