2.2 Organisational structure

Figure 1: Structure of the Australian Research Council (at 30 June 2017)
This figure shows the Australian Research Council’s organisation structure as at 30 June 2017. 
First Tier: Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ms Leanne Harvey
Second Tier: Acting Executive General Manager, Ms Kylie Emery
Third Tier: Executive Directors, Dr Fiona Cameron, Professor Stephen Buckman, Professor Therese Jefferson, Professor Joanne Tompkins
Fourth tier: Five branches including:
	1.	Policy and Strategy Branch, headed by Ms Kylie Emery, comprising two sections, Policy and Integrity and Strategy and Governance
	2.	ICT Services Branch, headed by Ms Trish Leahey, Chief Information Officer, comprising two sections, Applications and Operations
	3.	Programs Branch, headed by Ms Kylie Emery, comprising two sections, Program Development and Program Operations
	4.	Research Excellence Branch, headed by Ms Sarah Howard, Acting Branch Manager, comprising four sections, Program Evaluation, Research Analysis, Research Evaluation and Research Systems and Data
	5.	Corporate Services Branch, headed by Ms Julija Deleva, Acting Branch Manager, comprising five sections, Finance, Legal Services, People and Services, Program Partnerships and Stakeholder Relations and Parliamentary.