A guide to this report

A guide to this report
Part 1 Review by the Accountable Authority
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) introduces the report (Section 1.1) and describes the highlights of 2016–17 (Section 1.2).
Part 2 ARC Overview
We describe who we are and what we do (Section 2.1), our structure (Section 2.2) and performance framework (Section 2.3).
Part 3 Report on Performance
We provide our Annual Performance Statement in accordance with requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Section 3.1) and a report on our financial performance (Section 3.2).
Part 4 Case Studies
We provide case studies to support the Annual Performance Statement in Part 3. The case studies illustrate the impact of the ARC’s activities in funding research, evaluating research and providing policy advice (Section 4.1).
Part 5 Management and Accountability
We report on management and accountability matters as required under the annual report guidelines. This includes our governance structures (Section 5.1), external accountability mechanisms (Section 5.2), people management activities (Section 5.3), financial management activities (Sections 5.4–5.8) and other mandatory information (Section 5.9).
Part 6 Financial Statements
We provide the financial statements for 2016–17 (Section 6.1).
Part 7 Appendices
We provide additional information to support the performance story provided in Parts 3, 4 and 5 of this report.
Part 8 Aids to Access
This part provides material to help the reader access the report including a list of figures and tables, acronyms, glossary, compliance index and alphabetical index.

Style conventions

The following style conventions are used in the report:

  • acronyms are spelt out for the first use in each section, except for the acronym for the Australian Research Council—ARC—which is used throughout
  • n/a means not applicable (unless otherwise specified).


Comments and enquiries about the report are welcome and should be directed to:

Director, Strategy and Governance
Australian Research Council

Telephone: +61 2 6287 6600
Fascimile: +61 2 6287 6601
Email: ARC-AnnualReport@arc.gov.au