Use of Information from ERA

ERA provides Government, universities, industry, and prospective students with valuable information about research performance in Australian universities. For example, ERA data and outcomes:

  • inform a range of advice to Government across the various portfolios of Government
  • assist universities with strategic planning
  • inform funding allocations for Sustainable Research Excellence in Universities (SRE) block grants
  • specifically inform the development of research policy in Government and the wider sector, including:
    • Research Engagement for Australia: Measuring Research Engagement between Universities and End Users (Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering)
    • Mapping Australia’s Science and Research Priorities (Department of Industry and Science)
    • Mapping the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia (Australian Academy of the Humanities)
    • Development of the Defence Trade Controls Act (Department of Defence)
    • Draft National Strategy for International Education (Department of Education and Training).