Section 4

Plant Breeder’s Rights

This table shows the number of Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBRs) submitted to ERA 2015 for the reference period. For ERA 2015, the reference period for PBRs was 1 January 2011–31 December 2013.

PBRs are proprietary rights held by breeders of certain new varieties of plants and fungi. Such rights are legally enforceable and give exclusive commercial rights to market a new variety or its propagating material for the duration of the PBR. For ERA 2015 purposes, PBRs were those granted under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994 (Cth) or their international equivalents.

Only eligible disciplines in the 05 Environmental Sciences, 06 Biological Sciences, 07 Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, and 10 Technology submitted PBRs to ERA 2015.

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