Section 1

Co-authorship by ERA Authors

The average number of authors per research output submitted to ERA 2015 varied significantly between two-digit FoR codes. The 02 Physical Sciences showed the highest average number of authors on research outputs, in accordance with the common practice in some sub-disciplines of collaborating with many others on journal articles. In general, research outputs submitted to ERA citation analysis disciplines had more authors than those submitted to peer review disciplines.

There is also a relationship between research output type and the number of authors per research output. Journal articles are the most commonly co-authored research outputs. In ERA peer review disciplines, there is generally a larger proportion of books, book chapters and conference papers, which tend to have fewer authors.

Average authors/outputs by two-digit FoR code

Scatter chart displaying the number of average authors per outputs by the two-digit Fields of Research code. The Fields of Research with the highest outputs per author are 02 Physical Sciences, 06 Biological Sciences, and 11 Medical and Health Sciences.

*Presents the average authors/output for Physical Sciences (02) not including Astronomical and Space Sciences (FoR 0201). Astronomical and Space Sciences has an average authors/output of about 34 compared with the average of about seven for the other four-digit FoRs in Physical Sciences.

Note: Average authors per output was calculated on submitted outputs rather than deduplicated outputs.