Section 1

Contribution of Non-salaried Staff

Non-salaried staff include emeritus, visiting, exchange or seconded staff, unpaid visiting fellows, members of religious denominations, conjoint, clinical and adjunct staff with a demonstrated publication association with an eligible institution. These researchers make an important contribution to the Australian university research sector and broader research community, contributing as authors to 25 per cent of all outputs for ERA.

The chart shows the proportion of outputs where one or more eligible authors are non-salaried staff. This proportion is the greatest for the 11 Medical and Health Sciences, where non-salaried staff contributed as authors to 40 per cent of all outputs.

Outputs contributed to by non-salaried staff by two digit FoR code

Bar graph displaying the percentage of outputs contributed to by non-salaried staff by two-digit Fields of Research code. The Fields of Research codes with the highest contribution of outputs by non-salaried staff are - 11 Medical and Health Sciences 40 per cent, 22 Philosophy and Religious Studies 30 per cent and 21 History and Archaeology 28 per cent.