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Dr Robert Mun

Executive Director, Engineering and Information Sciences

Dr Robert Mun joined the ARC in May 2018 as Executive Director for Engineering and Information Sciences.

Dr Mun has a strong technical background as a researcher, and has had an extensive career in the Australian Government. Prior to joining the ARC, Dr Mun was Branch Head at the Defence Science and Technology Group with the Australian Department of Defence, and previously was Scientific Advisor to Navy and to the Defence Material Organisation, and Senior Scientist leading systems engineering research, also with the Department of Defence. With research expertise commencing in the area of fluid mechanics, through his subsequent Australian Government roles, his experience has extended to complex systems integration, focusing on the integration and networking of multiple Defence systems. His research team’s specialty was including the human element within the engineering solution.

Throughout his career, Dr Mun has been involved in working with a wide range of national and international research specialists, incorporating multiple technologies into emerging solutions. This work has included managing Defence capability demonstrator grant programs.

Dr Mun has authored numerous Australian Government reports, and has contributed to a wide range of policy and capability outcomes. Prior to joining the Australian Government, he published numerous journal and book articles on fluid mechanics.

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