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Past EI evaluations

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EI 2018 Outcomes

Following EI 2018, the ARC published the Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018-19 National Report. The report presents the outcomes of the inaugural nation-wide assessment of university research engagement and impact.

To complement the report, the ARC has also published select submission data from EI 2018 on the ARC Data Portal.

The outcomes present the ratings on:

  • engagement,
  • impact, and 
  • approach to impact,

for each Field of Research for each Australian university. The outcomes show university performance across all disciplines.

Impact Studies that received a rating of 'high' for impact have also been released. The impact studies highlight the wide range of impacts that have resulted from research in Australian universities. 

Publication of EI submission information

The ARC released information submitted by universities for EI 2018 to complement the report. Releasing this information reflects the ARC's commitment to having an EI process that is:

  • transparent,
  • accountable, and
  • better aligns with the Australian Government Public Data Policy.

To highlight university best practice, the ARC has published impact studies that receive a rating of 'high.'

Some impact studies were flagged as containing culturally or commercially sensitive information. These studies were published where a university has granted permission to do so.

Published impact studies have not been edited by the ARC and do not represent the views of the ARC nor assessment panels.

Extent of ARC publishing EI submission information

The information published from impact studies is as follows:

  • the title of the impact study
  • the Unit of Assessment (UoA)
  • any extra FoR codes assigned to the impact study
  • any Socio-Economic Objective codes assigned to the impact study
  • any Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification codes assigned to the impact study
  • any keywords listed in the impact study
  • the sensitivity type (commercial or cultural)
  • any Science and Research Priorities assigned to the impact study
  • any beneficiaries listed
  • if an impact study was flagged as having Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content
  • the 'summary of the impact' submitted as part of the impact study, and
  • the 'details of the impact' submitted as part of the impact study.

The ARC has also published aggregated, summary, and de-identified information from submissions as part of the EI 2018 National Report. The ARC may also publish extra submission information in a manner consistent with the EI 2018 submission requirements. 

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