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EI: Consultation

The ARC and Department of Education have undertaken a range of consultation activities for the development of a national assessment of the engagement and impact of university research, including a public consultation, a survey of end-users of research and face-to-face meetings with industry leaders and peak bodies.

An Engagement and Impact Assessment Consultation Paper was released for comment, 2 May–24 June 2016. The purpose of this consultation was to seek the views of stakeholders on the framework for the national assessment. The paper provided an overview of the Government’s policy rationale, parameters, and key issues regarding university research engagement and impact.

Feedback was invited from all stakeholders including the higher education research sector, industry and other end-users or beneficiaries of university research.

The ARC received valuable feedback in response to the consultation paper from a range of stakeholders, which will inform the development of the national assessment.

Engagement and Impact Consultation Paper – PDF format (978KB) – Word format (660KB) 

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