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Funding/Grant Agreements

A Grant Agreement is an agreement between the ARC and the Administering Organisation. They should be read alongside Funding Rules or Guidelines. Applicants, Investigators and Partners should be familiar with the Agreement they would be subject to if their proposal(s) were successful.

Grant Agreements outline the responsibilities of all parties (the administering Institution, the ARC and the Chief Investigators) including payments, funding use, specified personnel, transfers, audit, monitoring, reporting and termination.

Queries about the conditions of the Grant agreement should be directed to a University’s Research Office or Administration Unit. Research Office or Administration Units can support investigators request a variation to the Grant Agreement if circumstances change. The ARC must approve any variations to the Funding/Grant Agreement. 

Funding/Grant Agreements should be read in conjunction with Funding Rules, or Guidelines.

Discovery Program
Funding/Grant Agreements

Linkage Program
Funding/Grant Agreements


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