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Applying for a grant?

The Australian Research Council (ARC) does not provide funding to individual researchers. Researchers seeking ARC support will find information here about schemes funded under the National Competitive Grants Program. In most cases, researchers prepare an application for funding that is submitted to the ARC through a university Research Office, or equivalent office in other organisations.

Applicants must be familiar with the Funding Rules or Guidelines for the ARC scheme under which they are applying for funding. The Funding Rules govern the application and selection processes.

Most ARC applications require a form to be completed using the ARC online application system. The Grant Guidelines (formerly known as Funding Rules) set out closing dates and rules for submitting eligible applications.

ARC funding is provided to organisations, not individual researchers. The Funding Agreement or Conditions of Grant is the Agreement between the ARC and university. Applicants are advised to be familiar with the Funding Agreement. For example, the ARC Funding Agreement requires that any ARC contribution to research and other activities be appropriately acknowledged. Other information with which applicants should be familiar includes:

Key Documents and information

Key documents relating to the application and selection process are available below


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