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Australian Research Council Logo and Usage Guidelines

Acknowledgement of ARC funding

Any ARC contribution to research and other activities should be appropriately acknowledged in line with the Grant Agreement. Our logo usage fact sheet is available and provides information on use and acknowledgement of ARC funding.

This means Administering Organisations must ensure our support is acknowledged in a prominent place during and after project completion, when a researcher or other party publishes or produces books, articles, newsletters or other literary or artistic works.

The acknowledgement should mention the ARC as a funding body, and if published must also include the Project ID. Where possible, and with permission, the ARC logo should be used.

ARC funding should be acknowledged when participating in television, radio or print media.

Centres of Excellence, Special Research Centres and Key Centres should include "Australian Research Council" or “ARC” in their titles and use the ARC logo in a prominent location on their web sites and promotional materials. Researchers awarded an ARC fellowship should acknowledge their fellowship in their biography and CV.

In recognising ARC funding it should be clear that views or messages do not represent the Australian Government or the ARC.

Using the ARC logo

Before you use the ARC logo, you must seek permission from us. You can do this by emailing with details of the ARC-funded projects and how you will use the logo.

You must also refer to the Australian Government Branding Design Guidelines for placement, colour use and size requirements.

ARC stickers

You may request equipment stickers (small [375 x 150mm] or large [745 x 300mm]). Email to request physical stickers or the file to print your own.

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