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ARC College of Experts

Fact Sheet (PDF 252KB)

To support the advancement of knowledge and contribute to national innovation, the ARC engages an ARC College of Experts to play a key role in identifying research excellence.  Its members are experts of international standing drawn from the Australian research community: from higher education, industry and public sector research organisations.

The College of Experts assists the ARC by:

  • assigning external assessors
  • assessing and ranking ARC grant applications submitted under the National Competitive Grants Program
  • moderating external assessments
  • providing recommendations for fundable applications to the ARC CEO
  • assisting with recruiting through the nomination of new assessors
  • providing advice for peer review reforms, and
  • providing strategic advice to the ARC on emerging disciplines and cross-disciplinary developments.

The ARC is required to maintain a high standard of professionalism and ethical conduct in its operations. The ARC Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Policy is designed to ensure that all members of the ARC College of Experts are aware of the confidentiality obligations associated with College activities and that conflicts of interest are identified and addressed in a rigorous and transparent way. The ARC requires members of the ARC College of Experts to provide assurances to the ARC that they will abide by the ARC's confidentiality requirements and will disclose to it any conflicts of interest related to their official duties as members.

ARC College of Experts nominations are called for annually. Once approved by the ARC CEO, appointments are for a three year duration.

ARC College of Experts New Appointees for 2024

The 2024 ARC College of Experts new appointees can be found here: 2024 ARC College of Experts new appointees.pdf

ARC College of Experts 2023

A complete list of the ARC College of Experts membership can be found below.

There are currently 269 members on the ARC College of Experts.

Selection meeting panels will be drawn from the ARC College of Experts as necessary.

ARC College of Experts members (*indicates a new member in 2023)

Previous Years College of Expert Members

2022 College of Expert Members

2021 College of Expert Members

2020 College of Expert Members

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