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The ARC understands this is a difficult time for ARC-funded researchers and research administrators with the impact being realised in a number of ways. The ARC is introducing flexibility and is streamlining its post award processes to support researchers and administrators working on current projects that have been impacted by COVID-19.

To assist with minimising the administration of current projects, temporary measures in post award processes are being implemented including those for ARC Major Investments. Please see ARC Post Award Guidance including Major Investments: Responding to the impact of COVID-19.

Post-award management is the ongoing management of Projects funded under the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP). It covers the life of the Project from Announcement, through to the conclusion of the Project and the submission of the Final Report. 

Reporting Requirements

Reports for ARC-funded Projects and Fellowships are important elements in ensuring the accountability and good management practise, for publicly funded research. Reports also assist in drawing both the ARC and the Research Office staff to concerns and problems that researchers face.

Outcome reporting plays an increasingly significant role in government research funding and policy. The ARC compiles statistics on the outcomes from publicly funded research. Final Reports provide information on the number and types of outcomes that have been generated, the research training that has been supported, and the research personnel involved. Statistical information compiled from these reports supports the ARC's advocacy for the funding of quality research that brings economic, social and cultural benefit to the Australian community.

Relevant reporting requirements for each Project are outlined in the applicable scheme/round Funding Agreement.

Subject to the Funding Contract/Agreement for specific schemes, the ARC reserves the right to withhold payment of further instalments of any funded project until the appropriate reports have been received and assessed as satisfactory.

Variation to a Funding Agreement 

Over the duration of a project changes in circumstances may necessitate a Variation of the Funding Agreement (Variation) or a Partner/Participating Organisation Agreed Contribution Report (POACR).

Variations and POACRs must be requested through the Research Office of the Administering Organisation. Requests must be submitted via RMS by Research Office staff.

Research Office instructions for completing and submitting a Variation and/or POACR – PDF Format (1MB) –  Word Format (1MB).

The ARC has developed a general list of non-allowable items across the ARC schemes to assist Research Offices. Please note that the document is a general indicator of the non-allowable items known across all schemes and some items will not be relevant for some select schemes/rounds. Please always refer to the specific ARC Funding Rules/Guidelines and/or Agreements, for confirmation on the full range of items allowed/not allowed – PDF Format (180KB) – Word Format (46KB)

Please note, that as of December 2018, the ARC has streamlined the Variation process to reduce the number of attachments needed to submit a Variation request. Please refer to the updated instructions for changes. A summary of the changes can be found in the Post-award Streamlining – PDF Format (632KB) – Word Format (49KB)

Please note that the ARC Post-award team is happy to assist with any questions for Variations, however the ARC does not answer hypothetical questions in relation to Variation requests. Please provide accurate and relevant information when seeking assistance.

RMS Dashboard and Notifications

The ARC has functionality within the Research Management System (RMS) to allow Research Office staff to set up an easy access dashboard to access pre-selected data and receive notifications to assist with the management of Post-award activities.
RMS Dashboard and Notifications User Guide - PDF Format (845KB) - Word Format (581KB)

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