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GrantConnect—the Australian Government’s grant information system

What is GrantConnect?

  • GrantConnect is the Australian Government whole-of-government, centralised, web-based, grant information system. It provides a free, simple and effective service for all potential grant applicants to find and access Commonwealth grant opportunities and related grant documentation. 
  • All non-corporate Commonwealth entities, including the Australian Research Council (ARC) must publish on GrantConnect to meet the requirements under the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines  (CGRGs).
  • GrantConnect is the authoritative source of information in relation to all Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines—entities may no longer publish Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines documentation on their own websites. This includes Grant Guidelines (formerly known as Funding Rules) for all schemes under the ARC’s National Competitive Grants Programs (NCGP).
  • Further information can be found on the GrantConnect website

Why use GrantConnect?

  • All future and current Commonwealth grants will be published and accessible in one location.
  • Anyone can sign up to receive notifications of grant opportunities relevant to their interests as they are published or updated.
  • All grants awarded will be published to GrantConnect within 21 days of announcement.

What happens now?

  • From 30 April 2017, all accountable authorities and officials must use GrantConnect to publish all Grant Opportunities, all Grant Opportunity Guidelines and all addenda/alterations.
  • The ARC will no longer publish Grant Opportunity Guidelines (formerly known as Funding Rules) on our website.
  • You will need to sign in or create a User Registration account  in GrantConnect to access all relevant documentation for Grant Opportunities.
  • Once you download the relevant Grant Opportunity Guidelines, you can choose to be automatically notified of any changes or addenda added to the Grant Opportunity.
  • The ARC’s Research Management System (RMS) will continue to be used to prepare and submit research proposals, assessments and rejoinders for the NCGP. Grant award data will also remain available in RMS in order to retain the end-to-end grant process, as well as provide longitudinal data.

How do I access ARC Grant Guidelines on GrantConnect?


GrantConnect Flow Chart


GrantConnect - Discovery and Grants Awarded




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