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Abbreviations and Acronyms

Please find below a list of common acronyms frequently used from around the sector.


  • AAI Accountable Authority Instructions
  • AAH Australian Academy of the Humanities 
  • AATSE Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
  • ACPFG Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
  • ALF Australian Laureate Fellowships
  • ANAO Australian National Audit Office
  • ANSTO Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
  • ANZSRC The Australian and New Zealand Research Classification 
  • APAI Australian Postgraduate Award Industry
  • APS Australian Public Service
  • ARC Australian Research Council
  • ARC Act Australian Research Council Act 2001
  • ARF Australian Research Fellow
  • ARGS Australian Research Grants Scheme 
  • ARIC Australian Research Integrity Committee
  • ARMS Australasian Research Management Society
  • ATSIRN Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Researchers’ Network
  • AWA Australian Workplace Agreement


  • BSB Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
  • BEM Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Environmental, Medical and Health Sciences
  • BM Branch Manager


  • CE ARC Centres of Excellence scheme code
  • CEO Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO Chief Financial Officer
  • CI Chief Investigator
  • CIO Chief Information Officer 
  • COE Centre of Excellence
  • CoE College of Experts
  • CoI Conflict of Interest


  • DAATSIA Discovery Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award 
  • DE Department of Education (formerly Department of Education, Skills and Employment)
  • DECRA Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • Defence NSSTC Department of Defence, National Security Science and Technology Centre
  • DIA Discovery Indigenous Award
  • DORA Discovery Outstanding Research Award
  • DP Discovery Projects


  • ECR Early-Career Researcher 
  • EMI Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics
  • ERA Excellence in Research for Australia
  • EOI Expression of Interest
  • EOYR End of Year Reports


  • FASTS Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies
  • FOI Freedom Of Information JD/TL
  • FOI Act Freedom of Information Act 1982
  • FoR Field of Research
  • FT Future Fellowships scheme code
  • FL Australian Laureate Fellowship scheme code
  • FLA Australian Laureate Fellowship Award (i.e. Georgina Sweet or Kathleen Fitpatrick awards)


  • GRC Global Research Council
  • GST Goods and Services Tax


  • HASS Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • HCA Humanities and Creative Arts
  • HDR Higher Degree by Research
  • HSE Humanities and Creative Arts, Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences
  • HSMA Health and Safety Management Arrangement


  • IAP Industry Advisory Panel
  • ICA International Collaboration Awards
  • ICT Information and Communications Technology
  • IN Discovery Indigenous scheme code
  • IPS Information Publication Scheme
  • IT Information Technology
  • ITTC Industrial Transformation Training Centres 
  • ITRH Industrial Transformation Research Hubs 
  • ITRP Industrial Transformation Research Program


  • KPI Key Performance Indicator


  • LASP Linkage Learned Academies Special Projects
  • LIEF Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities
  • LE Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme code
  • LP Linkage Projects


  • MOU Memorandum of Understanding
  • MRAG Medical Research Advisory Group
  • MYEFO Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook


  • NBEET National Board of Employment, Education and Training
  • NCGP National Competitive Grants Program
  • NCGRT National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training
  • NCRIS National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy
  • NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council
  • NICTA National ICT Australia
  • NIT National Interest Test
  • NISDRG National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants
  • MRAG Medical Research Advisory Group


  • OHS Occupational Health and Safety
  • OHS Act Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991
  • ONI Office of National Intelligence
  • ORCiD Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier


  • PBS Portfolio Budget Statements
  • PID Public Interest Disclosure Act
  • PFAS Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substance
  • PGPA Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013
  • PI Partner Investigator  
  • PME Physical, Mathematical, Information Sciences and Engineering
  • POACR Participating/Partner Organisation Agreed Contribution Report
  • PS Act Public Service Act 1999


  • REC Research Evaluation Committee
  • RFCD Research Fields, Courses and Disciplines
  • RMS Research Management System
  • ROPE Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence  


  • SAC Selection Advisory Committee
  • SEER System to Evaluate the Excellence of Research
  • SEO Socio-Economic Objective
  • SES Senior Executive Service
  • SBE Social Behavioural and Economic Sciences
  • SRI Special Research Initiative
  • SRP Science and Research Priorities
  • STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


  • UoE Unit of Evaluation
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