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Research Integrity

The Australian community expects research to be conducted responsibly, ethically and with integrity and the ARC plays a vital leadership role in maintaining and promoting the responsible conduct of research. Responsible research conduct is critical to the success of, and maintenance of public confidence in, Australia’s research efforts.

The ARC expects the highest standards of integrity among the individuals who conduct ARC business, including those who assess grant applications and evaluate research excellence. Research must be developed, undertaken and reported according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards in a research environment underpinned by a culture of integrity.

Management of research integrity in Australia is a shared responsibility that involves the ARC, the National Health and Medical Research Council and a range of other institutions and entities. There is no single Commonwealth agency with regulatory powers for the management or oversight of research integrity in Australia. Responsibility for the various aspects of research integrity is shared among institutions that conduct research, funding agencies, agencies such as Ombudsman Offices, Crime and Corruption Commissions and the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

The ARC's Research Integrity Policy outlines the ARC’s expectations regarding integrity in all aspects of research it funds.

The ARC develops and applies codes and guidelines to ensure ARC-funded research is conducted with integrity, and is ethical, legal, and professional.

The Australian Research Integrity Committee undertakes reviews of institutional processes used to manage and investigate potential breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. The Committee contributes to the quality assurance of the integrity of Australia’s research.

The management of research integrity in Australia is a shared responsibility that involves the ARC, the National Health and Medical Research Council, and a range of other institutions and entities.

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