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Industrial Transformation Research Program Reporting

Industrial Transformation Research Hubs and Industrial Transformation Training Centres have specific reporting requirements as noted in their Funding Agreements. Please find below the relevant forms and templates to be used to provide this reporting.

Progress Report Templates

2021 Reporting period

All ITRP cohorts that have been operating for six months or more in the 2021 reporting period will need to complete the 2021 templates below. The completed forms must be submitted to The due date for the 2021 Progress Reports is 31 March 2022.

Please note, ITRP grants commencing in 2020 and 2021 that have been operating with less than six months of activity, are regarded to be in the pre-commencement phase and will only need to submit an email to with a short summary of progress to date.

There are two different templates for reporting an ITRP investment:

Year 1 Reporting Template
This template will be completed by Research Hubs and Training Centres for funding commencing in 2019 (IH19 and IC19) and 2020 (IH20 and IC20)

Year 1 Progress Report –  PDF Format (196KB) – Word Format (45KB)

Year 2-5 Reporting Template
This template will be completed by Research Hubs and Training Centres for funding commencing in 2018 or prior (IH12-18 and IC13-18).

Year 2-5 Progress Report –  PDF Format (197KB) – Word Format (45KB)

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports 

Prior to commencement of an ITRP Project, a KPI Report must be completed within 12 months of accepting the grant offer. KPI guidelines and templates for ITRP projects commencing in 2021 are available below.


KPI Templates 

  • 2021 KPI Template – Industrial Transformation Research Hubs and Training Centres – Excel format (46KB)
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