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Frequently Asked Questions for Feedback and Complaints

Questions to help guide you through the process of providing feedback or a complaint to the ARC are provided below.

Do you have a suggestion about how we might do things better

The ARC welcomes feedback on the quality, timeliness and responsiveness of our services to stakeholders, and suggestions about how the ARC might improve its services.

Suggestions can be communicated to us via telephone, email or mail.

Do you have a general complaint about the ARC?

A general complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by a client or stakeholder. A general complaint may be about:

  • the standard of services provided; and/or
  • the diligence, competency, behaviour or attitude of ARC staff.

The ARC Service Charter is published on the ARC’s website. It details the ARC’s values and service level expectations.

Do you wish to appeal against an administrative process of the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP)?

A complaint about a flaw in the administrative process of the NCGP is known as an ‘Appeal’. Applicants may not appeal for differences of scientific opinion; they may only appeal against flaws in the administrative process.

Do you have a complaint about the outcome of a selection process under the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP)?

The ARC does not accept complaints about ratings provided by assessors or decisions made by ARC Selection Committees under our peer review processes.

Do you have a complaint relating to an allegation of research misconduct associated with ARC funding?

Allegations of research integrity breaches or research misconduct by ARC-funded researchers can be reported to the ARC Research Integrity Officer who will refer the allegations to the relevant institution for investigation. Please refer to the ARC Research Integrity Policy for further information.

Do you have a complaint about the institutional process undertaken in response to an allegation of research misconduct?

The Australian Research Integrity Committee (ARIC) provides a review system of institutional processes to respond to allegations of research misconduct. This system is intended to ensure that institutions investigate such allegations and observe proper process in doing so. The ARIC is an independent body, jointly established by the ARC and the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Do you have a complaint about our Freedom of Information processes?

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) you can ask to access any document that we hold. We can refuse access to some documents, or parts of documents that are exempt. Exempt documents may include those relating to national security, documents containing material obtained in confidence, Cabinet documents, or other matters set out in the FOI Act. If you are unhappy with the way we have handled your request, you can complain to the Australian Information Commissioner who may investigate our actions.

Do you have a complaint about our privacy processes?

All personal information collected by the ARC is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). If you believe information about you has been handled other than in accordance with the Privacy Act you can contact the ARC with your complaint. You can also complain to the Australian Information Commissioner.


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