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Who Are We

The ARC is a dynamic agency with a dedicated, committed and talented cohort of people engaging in responsibilities to deliver policy and programs that advance Australian research and innovation globally and benefit the community.

On this page, you will find links to the profiles of senior management personnel and an overview of our corporate structure.  

Corporate Structure (PDF 132KB)

The Executive Directors play an important role in supporting the ARC CEO. They provide strategic policy and operational advice, along with providing specific funding scheme and discipline expertise. They also perform regular outreach with the higher education and research sector across Australia. They are drawn from academia to ensure the ARC has strong expertise from the sector we support. 

The ARC convenes various short and long term committees to assist the Chief Executive Officer with governing the ARC. They assist with the administering of the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) and Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). 

Committees Page

ARC Leadership Group

Ms Judith Zielke PSM
Chief Executive Officer
Mr Peter Conn
Chief Information Officer
Ms Julija Deleva
Branch Manager (Corporate Services)
Mr Stuart Henry
Branch Manager (Programs)
Ms Sarah Howard
Branch Manager (Research Excellence)
Dr Mary Kelly
Executive Director for Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
Dr Robert Mun
Executive Director, Engineering and Information Sciences
Distinguished Professor Craig T. Simmons FAA FTSE
Executive Director for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Dr Mel Southwell-Lee
Branch Manager (Policy and Strategy)
Ms Jessica Winnall
Branch Manager (Executive)
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